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Random stuff

Here are some projects which are either incomplete or just not big enough to put on the top bar.

RetroArch GLSL Shader Viewer

Small HTML5/JavaScript project utilizing the new and cool WebGL to display GLSL-shaded images, right in your browser! You can upload images and GLSL in the RetroArch format, and get the post processed image back. Requires a reasonably recent browser and drivers.

RetroArch GLSL Shader Viewer


Yet another dysfunctional MPlayer clone. Utilizes FFmpeg/libavcodec and libass to create a very stripped down media player. Somewhat useful for anime viewing since it supports ASS fonts, but that's about it. It's written entirely in C++11 and weighs in at about 2-3 kSLOC.

Source: SLIMPlayer


Attempt to implement a small subset of DirectSound which utilizes RSound. It is quite incompatible, but it works fine with popular applications such as:

Source: DirectRSound