RetroArch GLSL shader viewer

by Themaister

Here's a WebGL application to test your shaders against various images from your harddrive.

Shaders need to conform to the GLSL shader format that RetroArch uses. You can find out more about this format here. This implementation is limited to two passes for now. GLSL presets are not currently supported either.

With the cg2glsl tool you can convert Cg shaders (Wiki, shader collection) to the RetroArch GLSL format.

The shaders should conform to GLSL ES 1.0/WebGL shader spec. The shaders converted with cg2glsl will ensure this.


Canvas scale: 1x

Image: None

Pass #1

Shader: Default

Filter: Point

Pass #2 (optional)

FBO scale: Off

Shader: Default

Filter: Point




Hint: You can save the final result just as you would save an image!


Error console

Shader #1

Shader #2